Success case analysis

Shiba Inu Token
  • Started in January 2021 800,000 times ROI in 3 months!
  • The power of a fake platform made by itself one man with a joke!
  • He is not a genius. Start by simply playing around alone in the corner of the room!
  • Maybe he earned billions of dollars in 3 months!
  • 100% Only the power of community governance!
  • A more powerful upgraded version "Super Shiba DeFi Token"!

Comparative analysis of

competitiveness (opportunity) advantage

Shiba Inu Token

Total supply
1,000 trillion.
1 ETH = about
100 million SHIB.
no platform
forever (maybe).

Boarding the old last train? Or To-the-moon high-speed train? What is your choice??


Shiba Inu Token

Total supply 100 trillion
1 ETH = about 40 billion SSDT
(1/2000 of Shiba Inu tokens) DeFi, NFT development completed!! Metaverse development in
progress! More than 2000
times the price growth

Expected ROI

Purpose of Super

Shiba DeFi Token

1. Complete decentralization where all communities are fairly!

2. Lifetime benefit supply through DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse!


  • Name: Super Shiba DeFi Token / SSDT
  • Total supply: 100 trillion
  • Locked: Uniswap 99% (threw away the key)
  • Minimum Operating cost and charity foundation 1%

Token ecosystem model

Hundreds of features will be applied, but to mention just a few:

(Governance voting, airdrop, IBO sale, staking, farm, pool, loan, transaction, game, mining, advertisement, artwork participation, social participation, all activities of NFT (auction bidding, comment, evaluation, purchase, transaction) , Voting, etc.))

Launch platform (roadmap)

1. Super Shiba Swap (released in July)
2. Super Shiba NFT Marketplace (released in August)
3. Super Shiba Metaverse game (to be released in 2021)

How to buy SSDT

Only Uniswap (Everyone is distributed fairly at the starting line)

* Team must also purchase from Uniswap.